How to Live Stream PUBG from Phone

How to Live Stream PUBG from Phone

Twitch and YouTube are the best platform for Live Streaming Games, News, and everything. Here I will tell you how you can live stream the most popular game PUBG Mobile on YouTube or Twitch without any lag. Live Stream PUBG mobile with good quality.

Some people think live streaming will be a very hard procedure for live streaming but it is not true. Now you can easily live stream games from your phone.

Requirements for Live Streaming

I will cover some steps you will have to follow in order to do a successful stream

1. Application

First of all, you will need a streaming software for your phone. I recommend you Omlet Arcade and Streamlabs for Streaming. Install one of these apps from the App Store and install it.

2. Setting up Streaming Account

Streamlabs is also a good app but here we will use Omlet Arcade to Live Stream because it provides you a better Interference and it automatically adjusts the settings according to your internet connection. After Installing Create an account.

Once you have created your account you will be asked to grant some permissions for enabling the Omlet Arcade overlay to have instant capture, streaming, community, and picture-in-picture mode.

After enabling tap on plus icon on the center of the bottom navigation bar.

Then tap on Go Live.

live stream pubg

After that you will be again asked for granting permissions. Enable it!

Then you have to select app or game to stream.

live stream pubg

After that, you have to log in to your streaming platform account where you want to stream. In this, I am using Youtube. You can also stream on multiple platforms.

After that, you will see settings page where you can change the title, description, overlay, camera, microphone, quality, etc. before starting the stream.

After customizing your stream, once you click start you you will get a popup message to capture your screen. Hit Start now and you are now Live!

You can Always freely customize your stream simultaneously when you are already streaming by tapping on the small hovering button which you can drag wherever you want.

live stream pubg
live stream pubg
This is how the stream looks from viewers perspective.

With these easy steps, you can live stream pubg or any other apps or games without any lag.

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